Contemporary Art

Sook Gallery

PAC Money.

A Comment on the Economic Crisis in 2008.

(PAC - Political action committee)

Facing the Wall.

Stress 2010 with only room for one facing the Wall.

How to heal yourself?

Impact People.

What will we live of after the Tsunami?

Small Albert Einsteins eating the leftovers after the

Tsunami in Japan 2011.

SISO Exhibition 2014 Seoul, South Korea.


A Comment on the Danish Documentary film about

adoption of Masho in 2012.

Unlucky potatoes.

Waste Food 2015. Have we forgotten the Histories of

all Countries, the Story of Hunger?

SISO Exhibition 2015/2016 Seoul, South Korea.

Clima Change.

Expressionisme with at graphic twist.

How to handle all the emotions and worries about

Clima Change. By taken action will we rise from the

mud of olie?


Expressing Motherhood and the despair og losing

a child.

POP Trump

We only paint the popular People or only show the

happy aspect of life on sociale media. When in reality

we have to live with downsides and the outcome of


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